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Ministry Updates

May 4th, 2019

The Owens Publications Ministry is growing at a wonderful rate and it continues to help people and glorify our wonderful God. Our Facebook (www.facebook.com/owenspublications) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/DrJeffOwens1) accounts are a blessing to us and many others. We also are utilizing eBay and are pleased with its’ success. We have many new products that have been made available. We now have the following titles available in MP3 series: Relationships; Destructive Behavior; How to Grow; and our newest and extremely exciting series, Biblical Separation. We are currently teaching a series on Wednesday nights called, “Spiritual Financial Guidelines” which will be made available on the Owens Publications website in the near future.

We are grateful for the wonderful people at the Twin Rivers Baptist Church who help to make this ministry possible. We are pleased to add a dear family friend and member of TRBC to the Owens Publications staff. Mrs. Amber Owens has been a great encouragement to us all.

We are currently working toward making our MP3 albums available for download off of our site rather than one being required to order the physical hard copy. This method will work easily to help those wishing to download an entire series directly to their iPads, cell phones and other compatible devices. Of course, the hardcopies will still be available to those who would like them. Pray for us as this process is underway.

March 5th, 2017

Dear Friends,
We hope this update finds our many friends doing well. The Owens family are all doing unbelievably well. We are loving the Lord and serving Him to the best of our ability. Personal soul-winning has always been important to us and we continue this ministry for the Lord. The grandchildren and children are delightful and are just the light of our lives. Mrs. Owens and I enjoy an occasional bike ride together (I'm faster than her) and we love each other more than ever. She continues to love quilting and spending time playing her piano. I enjoy preaching and cheeseburgers!

At the end of the year 2016 I preached my 37,000th sermon as a gospel preacher. I still believe the King James Bible is the inspired, preserved, inerrant Word of God. We continue on the Old Paths. If you've known me through the years I want to assure you we have not changed our standards, doctrines or belief in the Old Time Ways one little bit. I am grateful to God because He has revolutionized my personal prayer life and I'm enjoying God more than ever.

The spring is upon us and this is an exciting time of the year! Spring is a time of fresh growth. Growth is definitely the atmosphere here at the Twin Rivers Baptist Church of New Bern, North Carolina.

It's hard to believe that we started here a little over three years ago. God grew us out of our first meeting place which was the approximate size of a double wide mobile home. He did this within the first 18 months of our start. He then provided us a new facility with 16,500 square foot state-of-the-art space. We moved into our new facility approximately 14 months ago. Our new building then doubled our auditorium size and multiplied our Sunday school classrooms many times over. Within 6 months of this new auditorium we had outgrown it. In November 2016 we very excitingly and humbly moved into our new approximately 250 seat auditorium. We are seeing people saved by the hundreds. God is allowing us to start new ministries within our church to serve people on a regular basis. You can visit our church's website twinriversbaptistchurch.com and listen to my TRBC weekly sermons for free. That is if you would like to hear some good old-fashioned, sin-hating, God and people loving preaching.

The Owens Publications Ministry continues to serve people to the best of its ability. We have a few new products that God has allowed to be developed. We have a preaching CD album entitled "Dr. Jeff Owens Preaching His Classic Sermons." We also have a new MP3 entitled "How to Grow." Mrs. Owens has a powerful new teaching album that's called "How to Bounce Back." All of these are available at this very moment. There are two other MP3 albums that are being prepared, one entitled, "Helping People," and the other "Relationships." Both will be available very soon.

We hope this day finds you well. We desire your prayers! If we can serve any of you in any way we would love to do so. Drop us an email from time to time and let us know how you're doing.


Pastor and Mrs. Jeff Owens

November 12th, 2014

Dear Friends,

We can hardly believe that the fall season is already upon us. It has been over a year ago that our ministry relocated us to New Bern, North Carolina. We are pleased to say that I am the Pastor of the Twin Rivers Baptist Church. You can take a closer look at this new ministry by going to twinriversbaptistchurch.com. God is blessing and we are seeing people saved and lives changed on a weekly basis.

We continue to travel and help pastors and churches throughout the country. We certainly enjoy serving people and using the training and experience God is given us to help others. We are humbled at this opportunity and privilege.

We are thankful to God that I experience good health. Mrs. Owens is doing well also. Her health has improved remarkably. She spends a lot of time playing her piano and still gets a real thrill from her quilting. One of her ultimate hobbies is loving on her grandchildren. She accompanies me on most all of my preaching meetings and we enjoy our ministry together very much.

We are pleased to announce that the availability of listening to my sermons FREE through Owenspublications.com is now available once again. There are nearly 1,000 sermons posted for your listening enjoyment and spiritual challenge. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity. 

We are also excited to announce that we have a brand-new product. It is an MP3 album which includes 21 full-length sermons. It's title is "God's Healthcare Program". It was preached from the pulpit of my new church, the Twin Rivers Baptist Church. You will find all the sermons very down to earth and practical. There is much teaching about the Christian and their health, which in our opinion meets one of the greatest needs of our day. We know of nothing else like it available anywhere. This new product is available just in time for Christmas and the New Year.

We hope this day finds you well. We covet your prayers! Let's all just keep serving Him and glorifying Him in all that we do. 

Pastor & Mrs. Owens


September 13th, 2013

What a wonderful end to summer and a beautiful start to fall we have had! Mrs. Owens and I have traveled to many wonderful churches. It has been my privilege to preach in some great Revivals, School Chapels, Conferences, Camps and church services. Last week while out Soul winning God allowed me the privilege to lead 9 people to Christ. What a delight when 6 of them showed up for the church service! 

This summer we hosted some fun birthday parties with our grandchildren. We also enjoyed a delightful family vacation with our children and GRAND-kids. What a joy they are to our hearts! 

Mrs. Owens has had several good months with her health, other than some poison ivy from working in the yard! But the yard sure looks good!!!!

We are excited about the recent release of our newest books TEACHING SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS TO TEACH and A WOUNDED SPIRIT. I am grateful to my dear friend Dr. Wendell Evans for writing the recommendation for A WOUNDED SPIRIT. 

We are pleased at the launching of our "New and Improved" web site! We hope you will find it user friendly and that it will serve you well. Feel free to spread the word. 

We hope to see our friends as we travel the country this fall. 

Bro. and Mrs. Owens


August 13, 2013

These are exciting times in which to serve our Lord.  Mrs. Owens and I are enjoying serving our God and His people in an incredible way.  Please pray for us as we have been traveling across the country helping churches.  Pray that my preaching schedule will fill up for the remainder of 2013 very quickly.  It has been a great blessing as we travel in evangelism because we have been able to go and help churches over the weekends, including Sundays.  When I was pastoring, I could only visit churches through the weekdays.  This has been a true delight.  We also feel very strongly that God has made it clear to us that I should re-enter the pastorate.  We are earnestly praying for God’s leading to the right church for us.

Our children and grandchildren are a great delight to us.  Our granddaughter Alexandra is now seven and our grandson Caleb is 4.  Our grandson Tre’ celebrated his third birthday on August 10th, and our newest granddaughter, Bella, is one year old.  We praise God that all four of our children and their spouses are faithfully attending good, solid, Independent, fundamental, soul winning Baptist churches.

Now let me point out to you some new developments with Owens Publications website.  You will notice that the “contact us” option is available to you.  Our newest MP3 on Marriage is available entitled “Together Forever.”  Also, our new 220 page book “Teaching Sunday School Teachers to Teach” can now be purchased.  We have added an additional website, DrJeffOwens.com. It includes ministry helps, ministry updates, sermon DVDs, et cetera.  It will soon have a donation option.

We also have many sermons on YouTube.  Our new book, “A Wounded Spirit” is flying off of our shelves due to its success in helping hurting people to rebuild their lives.  We also thank Dr. Wendell Evans for writing its recommendation.  I am also in the process of writing a book that will be called “Bible Doctrines Made Practical.”

Not many weeks ago, Mrs. Owens and I celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary.  It was a delightful day and we enjoyed a wonderful date.  We love each other more than ever and plan to serve God together with the rest of our lives.

We certainly do enjoy meeting our friends across the country and hearing from them via email, phone call, text and letters.  God bless you as you serve Him and keep your eyes on the skies.  He is coming soon. 

Your friends, 
Dr. & Mrs. Jeff Owens

January 21, 2013

We certainly hope that all of you had a good Thanksgiving, a great Christmas and a happy new year. Mrs. Owens and I had one of the best holiday seasons ever. We were able to enjoy Christmas with all of our children and grandchildren, and it was delightful for all of us!

God has blessed us in remarkable ways and continues to meet our every need in His own special and loving way. Living by faith has been spiritually electrifying and fulfilling. In the last many months, we have been in many churches and have visited the following states: Virginia, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Hawaii, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia and Ohio. Our time at these churches has been productive and rewarding. We look forward with great anticipation to what God has for us in 2013.
We would like to take this time to thank all who have contacted us, given us gifts, and expressed words of encouragement. We have been overwhelmed with the massive flood of support, love and kindness that has been shown us. It is a fantastic feeling to know we have soooo many real friends!

My new book called, "Teaching Sunday School Teachers To Teach Sunday School" is scheduled to be released at the start of this year. Pastors and laymen alike will find this book helpful and revolutionary in their ministries. By February of 2013, we will once again, on a weekly basis, be posting some of my never-posted-before sermons on the free download option of our website. We hope you will log on and listen. Please spread the word concerning these exciting developments. God bless you all, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Owens

October 17, 2012

Dear Friends,

We want to take this time to thank you for your love, prayers and overwhelming support for us.

My wife and I started a sabbatical on July 31, 2012. I also resigned the pastorate of the great Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church of Martinsburg, WV, on that same day. We already miss the people terribly. This has made it possible for Mrs. Owens and me to take a much needed break. Since that time, we have been thoroughly enjoying our extra time together. We have been resting, visiting family and serving God at a lighter pace while getting a greater amount of personal time with Him. Our marriage is strong, happy and better than ever. The churches we are visiting have been delightful and refreshing. I have also enjoyed getting some quality time with some of my older, wiser preacher brethren.

As a result of this sabbatical, I have cancelled most all of my preaching engagements across the country, and as requests for me to speak continue to come in, I am putting them on hold for a few months. I will travel and preach again in the future. I am spending my spare time writing materials to help God's people and His churches. Our next book will be a 240-page book called "Teaching Sunday School Teachers to Teach Sunday School". Mrs. Owens is enjoying this extra time by baking, quilting and playing her piano. Pray for me as I am gaining weight at a rapid pace. I have discovered that you can't lose weight by only talking about it, but you have to keep your mouth shut. I used to hate diets, and my practice was that every time I said the word "diet," I would wash my mouth out with chocolate. Obviously I will have to give up that practice. We together, are enjoying many activities like taking walks, riding bikes, soul winning, praying and singing, as well as, going on romantic dates at some of our favorite restaurants and places.

I will soon be posting some new sermons on www.owenspublications.com at the free sermon option. I will also post an update such as this one from time to time for you to read.

My wife and I both look forward to our future ministry as we serve our great God together. Serving Jesus has been, is and will continue to be our passion. God bless you as you follow Him. We love you and thank God for your friendship and encouragements.

A piece of advice for us all:

"Be kind to everyone, because everyone is having a tough time!"

Dr. Jeff Owens